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When you are in control, you'll feel the freedom and will be at ease. Your Daily Rundown is servicing all areas with Project Solutions Leadership Motivation. I am the confidential advisor to Your Amazing Airport.

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The legacy is Project Solutions Leadership Motivation. We Celebrate Your Success!

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If you don't design Your Amazing Airport plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.

Project Solutions Leadership Motivation

An effective Safety Management System (SMS) operates the same way as a manufacturing system and service system with a quality control system collecting data for the required quality assurance system. SMS collects data of human factors, or human errors for lack of better words, of how much pressure it takes for human factors to malfunction in job performance. Personnel may be required to perform conflicting tasks, work with incomplete systems and must have resilience to change or divert a process when things go wrong, as they sometimes will. The question becomes how many combine tasks it takes before human factors performance is overloaded. NOTE: We build your SMS, analyze your data, and maintain your Quality Assurance Program.

Creating a safe and trusting environment for success in airport operations.

Daily Rundown is Project Solutions Leadership Motivation for compliance with Canadian Aviation Regulations 107.02 (SMS), Subpart 2 – Airports, TP312 Standards, Airport Operations Manual, Training, Policies, Processes, Procedures, Public Relations, Airport News TC communication and the one stop for archiving manuals, documents and records.

Daily Rundown is the Power of Incremental Improvement. We are dedicated to continuous improvements, or improvements by incremental steps for Your Amazing Airport with a goal to improve regulatory compliance and safety performance two percent monthly. Improvement of regulatory compliance and safety performance is measured by human factors comprehension of regulatory applicability to airport operations and human factors comprehension of airport operations affect on aircraft operations.

As your confidential advisor I want to help you grow Your Amazing Airport. Being an airport operator, from the Accountable Executive, Airport Manager, SMS Manager, Field Operations is an extraordinary operational task. It’s hard, stressful, and emotional, but it’s incredibly rewarding. It’s important to have our support on your team who is reliable and ready to get things done.