Your Legacy Is Our Success.
Your Legacy Is Our Success.

Our Approach

Our approach is simple. We are servicing your Safety Management System, Regulatory Compliance, Standard Compliance, Your Amazing Airport Policies Compliance, Airport Operations Compliance, Operational Plans Compliance, Construction Projects, Airport Master Planning, Airport Zoning Regulations, Goal Setting Achievements Programs, your Quality Control Program and daily sharing of your Status, Library, Project Plans and Quality Assurance with Your Amazing Airport Management.

We Take The Load Off Your Mind

Airports and Airlines needs to answer one single question only to be successful in operations. "Why does the Global Aviation Industry, being Airlines or Airports, need a Safety Management System (SMS) today, when they were safe yesterday without an SMS?" The answer is in our Project Planning and the SMS ToolBox. We are the experts taking the load off your mind.

Meet the Team

Didrik Strand

Founder, CEO and Managing Director

Didrik Strand is a former Transport Canada Airport Inspector, Bush Pilot and an expert in Safety Management System, Project Solutions Leadership Motivation and Airport Operations.

Your Amazing Airport may book Didrik Strand anytime for your events.


Project Solutions Director


Leadership Motivations Director