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Servicing All Of Your Amazing Airport Operations

Ensures that all Airport Regulatory Programs reflect the current physical and operational environment and adheres to aviation regulatory requirements and best practices;
Assumes ownership and control for document development and necessary amendments for all Airport Regulatory programs;
Distributes, communicates and provides reports and/or training to internal and external stakeholders in respect to Airport Regulatory Programs;
Coordinates, supports and ensures compliance of programs for Airport Campus infrastructure projects, land use development, tenant requirements, on-site inspections and associated maintenance activities;
Supports the development, assessment, and review of Airport Planning Activities, Plans of Construction Operations, Airfield Maintenance Programs, and Safety Management Systems ensuring compliance with Airport Regulatory Programs;
Compiles and analyzes data from internal and external sources, including safety cases, root cause analysis and risk assessments;
Supports or conducts investigations of hazards, incidents or accidents and develops Corrective Action Plans as required under aviation regulatory requirements or industry best practices;
Maintains knowledge and expertise in domestic and relevant international aviation legislation, regulations or policies, including monitoring any new relevant information; and
Schedule and develop conferences and completes training for Your Amazing Airport personnel as required for maintaining subject matter expertise knowledge.